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Pattern Situation Solutions

Corner Block Math - Border patterns with corner blocks that wrap around a corner present a pattern sizing issue. Here are steps to show how to find a Modifier for use in calculting the correct pattern size. Another example 
Triangle Patterns - Even though this technique is generally obsolete for setting triangles, there are still benefits in understanding how this works. It works for triangles and other shaped patterns equally.

Border Patterns - Not all border patterns are created the same. Pattern Geometric Border 3 is a great example. See how the "Info" box is used to set up this pattern to fit between the corners. Download Pattern Set (“Border Patterns” ZIP file in TUTORIALS folder)

Multi Segment - Several patterns with the system have more than one segment to complete the pattern. Many times, those segments are not always the same size. Having them all fit together has normally meant working with MOD's, lot's of math, or just guessing. This tutorial shows a method to prepare all segments so they use the same measurements. No Mods, No Math and No Guessing.