The Charm®

The Charm by Gammill is recommended for free-motion quilting enthusiasts.  Individuals who prefer to sit to quilt and who are limited on space will find the Charm is just the right fit.


The Charm by Gammill® 18-8
Throat Space: 18" w x 8" h

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The Charm by Gammill® 22-10
Throat Space: 22" w x 10" h

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Standard features on

 The Charm 18-8  or 22-10 Models:


•Variable Speed Stitching
•Constant Speed Stitching
•Basting Stitch
•Adjustable Stitch Speeds for all Modes
•On-board Diagnostics
•Built in Maintenance Routines
•Needle Positioning Functions
•Thread Break Sensor
•On-board Bobbin Winder
•Adjustable LED Lamp with white or black light
•Adjustable Laser light
•Cone holders with Guards
•Quick response foot control with needle position settings
•Voice Activation
•Android Tablet
•On-screen support
•Choice of standard quilting cabinet (Quilt Station or Studio)


•10.1” Tablet
•Cabinet Upgrade – Quilt Pro by Koala

The Charm with the Studio Cabinet

  • Back & side extension
  • Adjustable Height
  • Easy assembly, ships flat
  • Utility Construction
  • Easy bobbin access

Optional: Swivel Casters

The Charm with the Quilt Station by Koala

  • Beautiful wood finish
  • Select the color of your choice
  • Handy recessed storage trays
  • Easy bobbin access

The Charm with the Quilt Pro Cabinet

  • Beautiful wood finish
  • Choose color
  • Closable doors
  • Side trays for doors
  • Four drawers
  • Handy storage


  • Back extension
  • Shelves for doors
  • Shelves for back extension
  • Height
  • Casters