May 15, 2015

In order to provide our customers with more personalized and responsive service, Gammill now sells all parts and supplies exclusively through our nationwide network of professionally trained dealers. 

At Gammill we are committed to exceptional customer service. By making products available exclusively through our dealer network, customers will receive more convenient access to the products they need. Gammill dealers have long-term relationships with their customers and a deeper understandings of customers’ needs.  Because of this customers receive more focused, personal attention.  We are confident this change will result in even better service as our customers gain a more personalized point of contact.

While products and supplies are no longer available through Gammill’s website, most Gammill dealers offer the convenience of online ordering in addition to their storefront locations. Even though the dealer is now the primary point of contact, the team at Gammill headquarters is dedicated to providing assistance and support whenever it is needed. Everyone at Gammill headquarters and in our dealer network looks forward to continuing to provide our Gammill customers with an exceptional experience.

To locate your Gammill dealer, visit or for a dealer location or questions, please call 800-659-8224 or e-mail


April 24, 2015


Spring Blooms

Do you have some fun colorful scraps and want to make a quick project? Gammill Quilt Artist Karen Marchetti shares the perfect idea to celebrate spring. 

Karen uses her AccuQuilt Go! to cut scraps of fabrics and then raw edge appliqués them on her Gammill.

1. Start with various strips of background fabrics (also scraps) sewn together.

2. Then, add on some green for the grass. This can also be done using various strips of greens.

3. Baste your edges down on your backing and batting of choice



Here are the flowers Karen cut using Go! Die No. 55007 Round Flower.



4. Take your stem pieces and place them on the fabric in a pleasing pattern. You can use a glue stick to temporarily hold them in place.

5. Stitch around each stem using a zigzag motion, slowly going back and forth over the edges of the appliqué piece. Karen used constant speed set at about 30% motor. You can use a regulated stitch until you are more comfortable with the zigzag motion.

6. Then, add your leaves (again, using the glue stick to hold them temporarily). Continue with the tiny zigzag motion until you have gone around the entire leaf


7. Continue this same zigzag stitch around the flowers. Start with the largest piece, stitching around the edges. Continue on to the next flower, again starting with the largest piece.


8. Continue adding each flower layer one piece at a time. Make sure to stitch all the edges down before continuing to the next flower layer. Again, a glue stick comes in handy to hold those little pieces while you stitch.




9. Once you have stitched around all the appliqué pieces, you are ready to quilt the project. Karen chose a meandering loop for her quilting, as well as some rows of grass. Bind and enjoy!





Karen will be teaching a more detailed class on this in July at AQS Quiltweek in Syracuse - the class is Piece & Appliqué the Longarm Way.

Karen Marchetti

Gammill Quilting Artist

April 1, 2015

CBS News recently featured the story of Trudie Hughes who works 10 hours a day, seven days a week making quilts for La Causa Crisis Nursery in Milwaukee. Each month, Trudie makes approximately 60 quilts on her Statler by Gammill, each one unique. Thank you Trudie for what you do for your community!

March 20, 2015


“The Holy Journey of a man and his machine; the Statler Stitcher Story” is now available for purchase in hardback. The book is $27.95 and may be ordered by calling 800-659-8224.


The book is the story of the Statler Stitcher® by as told by Paul and Mildred Statler, their friends and family, and Statler machine owners to Kathleen A. Haskett. The book follows the journey of Paul Statler through 70 years of changes to the American landscape.


According to the book synopsis, “Despite a childhood with no electricity until the age of 12, Paul learned to repair televisions by age 17, mastered radar during four years in the Air Force, and worked 26 more years with the VA, involved with the many changes happening in biomedical technology. Retiring, Paul began a new career. He brought the automated longarm quilting machine to the community of quilters, of whom you may not find any happier “longarmers” than Statler owners. Paul challenged his writer, Kathleen Haskett, to find God’s imprint and partnership with Paul’s gift of technical genius. Drawing from both contrast and comparisons with many Statler owners’ lives, including her own. Ms. Haskett highlights that which is Holy within that which is ordinary. The mix of history, theology and technology on nearly every page has something for almost everyone.”

The Statler Stitcher® is a software program combined with hardware that Paul Statler researched, designed and built to operate a hand-guided quilting machine that will stitch almost any design (pattern). The program can determine the pattern and size, the size of the block, the stitches per inch, the repetitions of the pattern, and the offset of the pattern.

Paul Statler built the first Statler Stitcher for his wife Mildred in 1990 and they began production quilting. Paul continued improving the system and the first Gammill with Statler Stitcher technology was sold in 1994.

The Statler Stitcher® software and hardware packages have been sold around the world. The hardware includes the computer, cables, servo-motors, and computer circuit boards attached to a hand-guided Gammill sewing head, which is guided by the computer instead of by hand.

With 25 years of experience, Statler Stitcher is by far the most advanced computerized quilting machine in the industry.

For more information or to locate your nearest dealer visit

January 27, 2015

The feedback on CreativeStudio 6.0 has been amazing.  We are so glad you are all enjoying the new features and look forward to hearing more from you! 


If you have not downloaded CS6, here are the links to the new software, What’s New list, User Manual, and Installation Guide.



CreativeStudio®6.0 Software (agreement to terms and login required)


Install guide (agreement to terms and login required).


The link below shows the current pattern catalog.


Statler Stitcher Pattern catalog 2015 


In addition, we have encountered a small glitch with using the designer node feature in Needle-Off.  The solution will be issued in the next CreativeStudio® release.  Please click the link below for more information.




*** For anyone attending the East Coast Gammill/Statler Conference this weekend in Richmond, VA, please stop by to meet Paul Statler.  We will have a camera set up for you to share your Statler story in honor of the 25th Anniversary of the Statler. 


Again, we appreciate each of you and thank you for being a part of the Statler family.



Tim Fulham

General Manager