Welcome to the tips for your Gammill section of the Gammill website. This area is designed to provide access to maintenance information, hints and tips, and practical guides to assist those maintaining our Gammill & Statler Model Quilting Systems.

Gammill User's Manual
Click below to download the Gammill User's Manual.
Thread Guides
Need help threading your machine? Click on the link to the model's thread sequence diagram.
Bobbin Winder Maintenance
Occasionally, thread can get wrapped around the bobbin winder shaft, causing undue pressure. To remove excess thread from the shaft, follow these easy steps...
Beveled Wheel Kit Installation Instructions for the Machine Head and Crosstrack
To ensure smooth gliding performance/operation of your Gammill quilting machine, please follow these helpful installation instructions.
Protecting Your Gammill
With proper cleaning and oiling techniques, your Gammill "M" style hook will last through years of trouble free operation.
Motor Belt Adjustment
Proper tension on the motor belt is needed for stitch quality.
Replacing Handle Switches
Replacing the handle switches on your longarm is a simple procedure.
Regular Cleaning - Motor Brushes
Regular cleaning of the motor brushes is necessary to extend the useful life of your longarm.
Regular Oiling of Your Longarm
With proper oiling maintenance, you can extend the useful life of your Gammill!
Threading the On-Board Bobbin Winder

The On-Board Bobbin Winder is powered by the motor and winds the bobbin as you sew. When the bobbin becomes full the winder shuts off automatically.